The Travel Marketing Expertise That Supports Our Partnerships

Working with Rocket Travel by Agoda means partnering with a team of travel experts and professionals who thrive on creating products, solutions, and experiences that reward travelers at every stage of the customer journey. Rocket Travel by Agoda provides a variety of services and capabilities that allows our partners to adapt to travel industry trends and continue to effectively engage with their customers. A critical way we support the consistent growth of our partnerships is through the power of our expert marketing strategies.

Working as a team, delivering results

The Rocket Travel by Agoda marketing team understands the traveler’s emotions, needs, and goals. The team works collaboratively with our partners to support the growth of their loyalty program and white-label solutions.

Our team is partner-centric, working as an extension of our partner’s marketing, brand, and agency teams. We constantly identify opportunities to increase brand awareness, understand customer behavior, and optimize performance for each of our marketing initiatives. The services we provide are customized based on our partner’s business objectives, but always aimed at keeping the customer’s behavior and travel needs top of mind:

From awareness to loyalty, the customer travel journey is full of possibilities. Whether it’s working with Flying Blue to increase hotel bookings by 200% or increasing market share with Smiles, our creative and data-driven marketers are constantly looking for opportunities to work with our partners to reward travelers, provide value to customers, and deliver results.


Staci Markwood is the Vice President of Global Partnerships at Rocket Travel by Agoda. With more than ten years of experience in business development and strategic partnerships, Staci leads a team of global strategic account managers responsible for overseeing existing and new partnerships while driving growth to Rocket Travel by Agoda and our partners.