Making travel even more rewarding

We reward travelers every day, just for booking getaways through our 80+ partners, which include the world's leading airlines, mobile phone carriers, financial institutions, and more.

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We put our partners & their customers first

Our partners and their travelers are central to everything that we do. Our goal is to make travel booking more rewarding than anyone else, and to create the most inclusive and empowering environment for everyone involved.  

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Our products

We build unique partner-branded travel sites and offer the ability to earn, burn, or save by booking hotel stays, renting cars, and more.  

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Our brand values


We research, experiment, ask why, measure quantitative data, listen 
to customers, and challenge each other to push the boundaries of travel loyalty products.

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We share success and failure, provide constructive criticism, hire diverse teammates, deflect credit, champion inclusive projects, and build rewarding relationships with travelers and partners.

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We ask, “How can I help?” rather than say, “It’s not my job,” we seek out and share customer and partner feedback to improve our products, and we hustle to not derail other parts of our train.

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A diverse & global team

Our teammates work across the globe, in person and remotely. We have offices in Chicago, NYC, Bangkok, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Cebu. No matter where people work, we strive to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

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Rocket Travel by Agoda is part of Booking Holdings, the world leader in online travel

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