Rocket Travel by Agoda: Taking you on a trip

In recent years, travelers have shown the need for a seamless travel booking experience, which we have been able to cater to with our unified cart technology. In keeping one step ahead, our teams have developed a new trip platform that gives the user flexibility to book parts of their journey at different times, all with added value for using loyalty rewards.  

Rocket Travel by Agoda is a leader in the travel industry offering technology and marketing solutions for some of the largest consumer travel brands in the world. We bring together a global team to offer the best in the travel technology, marketing, and customer operations to support every facet of our partners’ loyalty programs. To do that, our teams need to think outside the box and constantly provide new solutions to meet the customers' needs.

Changing the game in booking trips

In the existing trip booking landscape, users are often enticed to book their entire experience at once to get a specific discount or bundle price. They are given a designated path of booking a vacation, beginning with booking a flight, then a hotel, followed by a rental car and activities. However, most travelers don’t want to book everything at once and they also want to work with a trusted partner when planning their travel. 

Rocket Travel by Agoda’s new trip platform will redefine how travelers plan their trips. It will encourage the user to choose their own adventure. Unlike the traditional experience that tends to follow a static packages funnel, travelers will have the choice of how they begin planning their trip, choosing any vertical to begin booking - hotel, flight, car or activity. Through a persistent trip feature, users will have access to real-time discount bundles giving them the opportunity to book different parts of a trip at any time while still leveraging value for using loyalty rewards.  

This new trip feature combines our existing cart technology, but will create call-to-actions for the user to add more to their trip and see the benefit of earning more or redeeming less as they book more.

Always pushing the boundaries

Staying true to Rocket Travel by Agoda’s mission of maintaining curiosity, we are constantly researching, experimenting and looking for ways to push the boundaries. We have taken all of our learnings from numerous product line launches to build this new experience. 

We know our partners are always looking for ways to stay ahead and relevant in the travel market to maintain customer loyalty. Through our partner-centric approach, we work to understand our partners' customers and give them a reason to continue booking through their platforms. With trips, we can provide more value to customers by offering more supply and booking options. 

If you are interested in learning more about leveraging our trips platform to help increase bookings and grow customer loyalty, contact us.


Nirav serves as director of product at Rocket Travel by Agoda. He has been with the company for more than three years helping build loyalty travel products that meet needs of our partners and travelers. He’s currently blasting off in our APAC region helping lead product teams build the trips experience.