Partner-centric solutions for travel brands

Rocket Travel by Agoda works with our partners, big and small, to find scalable solutions that help them adapt and engage with customers. We regularly conduct thousands of experiments to offer data, technology and solutions that drive travel bookings and growth contributing significant revenue to our partner’s businesses.

What makes us different?

When working with Rocket Travel by Agoda, you will feel comfortable knowing we put our partners first. We listen to your needs and understand the differences in what drives loyalty for your unique customer base. Every partner gets a dedicated partner manager to help support you in achieving your business goals.

Our brand values


We research, experiment, ask why, measure quantitative data, listen to customers, and challenge each other to push the boundaries of travel loyalty products.

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We share success and failure, provide constructive criticism, hire diverse teammates, deflect credit, champion inclusive projects, and build rewarding relationships with travelers and partners.

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We ask, “How can I help?” rather than say, “It’s not my job,” we seek out and share customer and partner feedback to improve our products, and we hustle to not derail other parts of our train.

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Our products and services

The team at Rocket Travel by Agoda wants to find a solution that works best for you. Our custom travel booking platforms deliver a streamlined end-to-end user experience, tailored to your brand. We offer access to the world’s best inventory for hotel, car, air and activities as well as packaging options offering the highest loyalty return so you can deliver the most value to your customers. To help reach and retain customers, we provide marketing solutions and tactics to help drive growth and engagement with your customers.

Travel Platforms

Some of the largest partners in the travel industry work with us for our travel booking platforms. Our platforms are fully adaptive and configurable, giving you the ability to have customization based on cardholders, airline elite tiers and other offerings for your customer segments. 

As the market leaders in travel redemption, our dedicated team developed the best single-funnel platform for redeeming loyalty points on flights,  hotels, cars and activities. Rocket Travel by Agoda’s technology connects your users to the power of Booking Holdings, providing your customers with the selection and high quality products that drive repeat engagement to build loyalty.  

Rocket Travel by Agoda’s white-label solution allows you to have a fully customizable travel booking platform with earn and redemption funnels for hotel, car, flight and activities accessible in a single customer experience. Built on our unique technology, this solution enables our teams to be responsive to your needs and while new enhancements based on industry trends and best practices are seamlessly tested and implemented to continually drive improvements for your customer experience. 

As a Rocket Travel by Agoda partner, you have the option to align your travel portal with one of the Booking Holdings family of brands, leveraging the equity of one of our powerful global B2C travel brands to build affinity with your customer base.


Suppliers partnering with Rocket Travel by Agoda have the confidence that their inventory will reach millions of targeted, engaged customers with a high degree of control. Our closed user group environments mean suppliers can feel confident their rates will be protected and used in a responsible way that drives ROI for their organizations.


When working with Rocket Travel by Agoda, you will have the full support of a dedicated partnership manager as well as a team of lifecycle marketing experts delivering marketing and growth strategies driven by industry trends. 

No matter the size of your audience, a partnership manager will support you throughout our entire relationship, providing expert guidance, business support, and working with our expert teams from technology and marketing to customer support to grow our partnership and achieve your goals to build long-term loyalty with your customers. 

Our marketing team has the ability to test, optimize and offer data-driven results for your travel booking platform. We also provide various marketing support initiatives including transactional email design and implementation, digital marketing as well as creative strategy and design. Our marketing team will be an extension of your own team, working side-by-side with you to ensure your travel platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of your customer base.

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