Advanced Email Strategies That Drive Performance

Understanding the need for more features

Email marketing is a critical component of our customer communication strategies, allowing us to keep the traveler informed and engaged at every stage of their journey. In order to provide best-in-class customer engagement strategies to our partners, it’s crucial to capitalize on advancements in email technology and shifting user behaviors. Each of our campaigns are backed by data that focuses on nurturing leads until travelers are ready to complete a desired action. Our team constantly makes optimizations that are imperative regardless of the nature of the email — transactional, promotional, or engagement-oriented.

Work smarter, not harder

From promotional campaigns to transactional messaging, the integration of dynamic functionality is essential as we aim to deliver on growing consumer expectations. We continue to expand upon our capabilities by staying abreast with the latest trends in email marketing and using cutting-edge features, while maintaining best practice email marketing principles such as mobile optimization, robust analytics, A/B experiments, accessibility, engaging copy, and bold creatives. Some recent integrations we’ve utilized include:

In-depth consumer journeys drive engagement throughout every phase of the customer lifecycle. A robust suite of transactional emails ensure customers have all the information needed at their fingertips from booking, to check-in, and post-trip. Dynamic cross-sell strategies allow us to drive high attach rates with other travel products offered by our partners, generating incremental bookings and boosting the value of each trip, and abandoned search and welcome series ensures customers understand the value of our partners’ travel platforms and stay loyal to our partners’ brands.
Personalized content leveraged throughout our emails, delivering a unique experience for the consumer. Our personalized email communications ensure each customer has all the information they need throughout their travels, easy ways to contact our customer loyalty team for assistance, and suggest travel destinations based on their personal travel preferences. This adds a level of convenience to the consumer experience and drives engagement with our partners’ brands.
Utilizing AI is quickly becoming a cornerstone of email marketing. Using artificial intelligence allows our marketing teams to quickly drive innovation through A/B experimentation. In testing, we have found it to be very effective at driving results and are developing new ways to leverage this emerging technology as email marketing services continue to expand.
Segmenting audiences based on previous engagement data to deliver new messages to the customer and drive continued engagement with our white label platforms.
Robust reporting enables us to continually optimize the performance of our campaigns, and keep partners informed of success and areas of opportunity at every phase of a partnership.

Adapt for the future

The world of travel tech will continue to expand, along with how email is used and the need for greater innovation. At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we look forward to incorporating the latest functionalities that drive engagement and bookings for our partners. As a partner-centric company, we will continue to search for new data-driven tactics and trends that will benefit our partners and the travel consumer.

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Jenny Rose serves as Director of Marketing at Rocket Travel by Agoda, where she leads the marketing team in developing strategic and data-driven initiatives aimed at benefiting our partners and the company as whole. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the travel industry building brand awareness and effectively executing marketing objectives.