Protecting Our Partners and Their Customers

Every team at Rocket Travel by Agoda is dedicated to building trust with our partners and our travelers. In the fast-changing world of global technology, security measures are critical to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data. Our team is committed to protecting information security and minimizing loss. 

Not only do security measures prevent financial loss for our partners, they also safeguard customer data, preventing theft. Because we view the partner's customer as our own, we take no shortcuts in protecting customer data, security, and trust.

Security protocols

The cybersecurity and data privacy team at Rocket Travel by Agoda are highly skilled, trained individuals who place emphasis on assisting our partners in developing security protocols. In order to avoid non-compliance issues, we have put measures in place for maintaining industry standards, regulations and expectations. 

Some of the security protocols that our team has deployed to ensure a secure booking platform include:

Proccess for security protocol implementation

By leveraging cybersecurity best practices, we  always look to incorporate security-by-design and by-default approaches into our platforms. Our team has developed an entire infrastructure end-to-end, from analysis and design to implementation, testing, and monitoring. We have participated in multiple rigorous security assessments, including evidence-based investigations of all of Rocket Travel by Agoda’s internal policies and procedures. 

We communicate and enforce strict cybersecurity policies, practices and monitor them by bringing relevant teams together to brainstorm, implement and provide proof of implementation. Our dedicated team also works hard to ensure timely and continuous monitoring and support. 

We have developed a strong working process that bolsters our infrastructure to provide optimum service across our travel booking platforms for the largest and most security-aware enterprises. We collaborate across a number of teams including design, customer service, operations, payments, marketing, privacy, software development and compliance. This work extends across multiple time zones, four major offices, and more than 12 different countries. And, of course, we always work closely with our partners to understand their compliance needs, communicate openly and adapt to serve their unique business requirements.

Rocket Travel by Agoda, trusted partner in information security

As a result of Rocket Travel by Agoda’s robust information security protocols, we are a trusted partner for the largest travel consumer brands and financial tech companies. We have the necessary systems, processes, and controls to handle data securely and efficiently and demonstrate compliance. Our infrastructure gives our partners a sense of security and peace of mind so they can focus on boosting their productivity, business performance and serving their customers.

To learn more about our information security teams or to talk about how Rocket Travel by Agoda can help you, contact us here. 


Nancy Alsip is the SVP of Engineering at Rocket Travel by Agoda where she leads the team implementing major cross functional initiatives. She has extensive experience in software development, engineering and technical leadership working for companies like United Airlines, Quest Software and Flexera.