Why Rocket Travel by Agoda

Our promises, and how we deliver on them.


Your partner through and through; when you win, we win.


Worldwide supply for your customers and your team through our global inventory and workforce. 


Data-driven technology solutions tested and proven to support industry-leading loyalty initiatives.

Our partnership

Our partners are ambitious industry leaders looking to maximize their earning potential through travel. We work with more than 300 brands – like American Airlines, Emirates, and Sonesta to name a few –  to offer customizable solutions that benefit them and their customers. 

We remain confident in our mission to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving travel industry as we continue to grow our partner support, expand our technology, and increase our reach through our supply.

  • Financial institutions

    We partner with some of the world’s leading banks to power travel platforms where their customers can earn and redeem points for flights, hotels, and rental cars. 

  • Airlines

    Airlines around the globe trust us to get their customers the best rates for stays and transportation – and build preference for their brands along the way. 

  • e-Commerce / Retail

    Companies from tech firms to phone providers come to us for our loyalty expertise – where we implement a travel platform that allows their customers to earn and redeem points, while supplying them with competitive rates.  

  • Suppliers

    We work with travel providers to add their inventory and rates to our systems, and to provide them with our supply as well.

  • Advertisers

    Partners buy digital advertising placements on Agoda.com to extend their reach and kickstart their brand in the travel space.

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