Creating a seamless login experience for the customer

The Rocket Travel by Agoda team utilizes a SSO (single-sign-on) feature that allows us to integrate with our partner’s customer identity and login experience, securely and seamlessly. SSO allows a user to navigate from partner webpages to our proprietary travel portal with minimal aesthetic differences. This feature removes the need for users to create a new username and password or create an entirely new profile for the loyalty travel platform when they already have credentials for the core loyalty program.

Technical approach to partner integration

Part of our mission is to offer technology and marketing solutions for some of the largest consumer travel brands in the world. We build unique partner-branded travel sites and offer strategies that focus on maximizing rewards, delivering value, and building customer loyalty for our partners. In supporting our partners, we aim to provide their customers with an optimal travel booking experience to maintain brand loyalty. Part of that experience is usability by way of SSO. There are many universal similarities in production and execution for SSO technology, but each partner integration will have differences. Our goal for SSO technology, as well as other API services, is to match the partner's needs and service flows to make the integration as smooth as possible.

Our technical approach to partner integration is to collaborate and evaluate their current SSO setup, review the design and verify the technical approach before building a system to match. We have implemented SSO for many of our existing partners such as American Airlines, Emirates, Alaska, Lifemiles, Nectar, Virgin Australia, Enrich, Eva, and ConnectMiles.

Adapting to find solutions that are unique

The unique nature of SSO integration for each partner continues to surprise us. Common practices and industry standards exist for SSO, but with each integration come nuances that present new challenges.

SSO is a central functionality for many of our partners. They may have integrations with other organizations, but a standardized SSO approach enables them to securely communicate customer identity and access across those partners. It is imperative for Rocket Travel by Agoda to be well versed in multiple technological integrations so we can adapt to partners’ specific SSO implementations. This enables us to provide their customers with a seamless booking experience using their white-label solution.

Rocket Travel by Agoda takes pride in meeting our partners' needs in terms of SSO and API capabilities. It is our role as a partner-centric company to find technological solutions that provide a seamless travel booking experience. If you are interested in offering a seamless login experience for your customers, connect with us to learn more about how we can implement a SSO solution for your travel booking platform.


Tim Marron is the VP of Product with more than 10 years of experience leading data-obsessed product management teams across multiple industries. He has led numerous A|B testing functions and has a passion for applying scientific thinking and data to software development.