Rocket Travel by Agoda: 
A Culture Built for Success

Rocket Travel by Agoda prides itself on a company culture that embodies our core mission and values. Our culture is a true reflection of our purpose and how we go about our work to impact the travel industry.

The values that form our culture

Rocket Travel by Agoda prides itself on a company culture that embodies our core mission and values. Our culture is a true reflection of our purpose and how we go about our work to impact the travel industry.


We share our successes, failures and provide constructive criticism when needed. We hire diverse teammates that support each others’ success, champion inclusive projects and build rewarding relationships with each other, our partners and our customers.


We look for opportunities to research and experiment in our daily work. Our team is constantly asking "why?" and measuring quantitative data to discover new ways to improve the customer experience and drive growth for our partners. We listen to customers, and challenge each other to push the boundaries of travel loyalty products.


We are always asking each other, “How can I help?” rather than saying, “It’s not my job.” We seek out feedback from our teammates, partners and customers and share that feedback to improve our products. We work hard to complete our own tasks and projects to support forward-looking progress for the team as a whole.

Rocket Travel by Agoda has grown to become a leader in the global travel industry today because our team members embrace and model Community, Curiosity and Accountability through the work we do with our partners, and how we collaborate with one another.

Our strongest asset is our team

People are truly the greatest asset at Rocket Travel by Agoda. As an organization, we provide ample opportunities for employee feedback, ensuring all team members have a voice and can contribute directly to shaping Rocket Travel by Agoda’s culture. 

Each team member understands they are a key contributor, and we are thoughtful about transparency so everyone knows how their work directly contributes to our core business objectives and drives our partners’ success.

Supporting our people and their well-being

Rocket Travel by Agoda regularly recognizes team members who bring our core values to life by highlighting those individuals at company meetings and events, and through awards and internal communication channels.

We also offer flexible PTO and Flex Fridays throughout the year to encourage our team members to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We trust everyone to complete their work and meet established goals and objectives, while leveraging this flexibility.

Additionally, in 2022, Rocket Travel by Agoda introduced Excursions, a sabbatical program, for our longer-tenured team members. This provides an extended break from the pace and intensity of day-to-day professional responsibilities and offers an opportunity to pursue personal interests. It is another way to say thank you to those whose passion and dedication have long contributed to the company’s success.

Celebrating the people that make us unique

Exploring the world is what Rocket Travel by Agoda is all about. And what better way to present our team members with an opportunity to do so, then earning travel credits to book hotels, cars, or other travel booking products? Once an employee has been with Rocket Travel by Agoda for one year, they receive a travel credit equal to $1,000 per year. There are also plenty of other opportunities throughout the year to earn more travel credits.

As remote and hybrid work environments have become more common, organizations need to be thoughtful about opportunities to bring their employees together for in-person experiences, engagement, and collaboration.  At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we organize an annual company retreat in a different location each year. This offers our teams the ability to travel and explore new places, as well as build relationships outside our usual day-to-day work environment. 

Rocket Travel by Agoda continues to strive to provide a welcoming, transparent environment where employees of all backgrounds and experiences can bring their full selves to work, are treated fairly, and have the tools and resources needed to succeed in their roles. Are you interested in joining the rocketship? You can see our list of career opportunities on our job board.


Amy Collins joined Rocket Travel by Agoda in April 2022. She serves as the VP of People Operations where she acts as a talent leader striving to impact the employee experience in a meaningful way. She is passionate about understanding the values, aspirations, and strengths of teammates to maximize their engagement and potential.