Using testing to create an outstanding booking experience

Rocket Travel by Agoda continually optimizes the user experience of our platforms by considering each stage of the customer journey, including the checkout process. We recently carried usability tests to streamline conversion on our checkout page and mitigate consumer friction, which resulted in a 67% confidence rating. Usability and validation testing are regular parts of our product design process to ensure we build easy-to-use technology for our partners and their customers.

A data-driven checkout redesign

After a recent migration from our former payment platform to our new framework, React, our design team took a deeper dive into what the customer is currently experiencing at checkout. We ran a study to determine the usability of the checkout page, uncovering any pain points and providing qualitative data to substantiate a redesign.

During the study, we completed eight unmoderated sessions with unique users. Each user was given three separate tasks using the complete checkout prototype. From using the ‘pay later’ option, booking multiple rooms, editing incorrect information, to adding special requests for the hotel reservation, we wanted to ensure that users were able to successfully complete the set tasks. The participants provided ease-of-use and confidence ratings, verbal feedback, and additional recommendations throughout the test.