Rocket Travel by Agoda's Three Pillars for Go-To-Market Strategy

Our three pillars for a successful go-to-market strategy

When launching a new product to the market, Rocket Travel by Agoda's first objective is to understand our partner's business goals and requirements to ensure we deliver the best possible partner solution. We leverage our expertise and customizable technology to create the travel experience our partners want to offer the travel consumer. Whether they want customers to earn loyalty points when booking travel or to level up their loyalty program by providing redemption capabilities, Rocket Travel by Agoda works to create the white-label travel booking platform that best fits each partner's needs and that integrates seamlessly with the experience their customers are used to.

We have launched numerous white-label travel portals in the past ten years. As a leader in the travel industry's B2B2C business, Rocket Travel by Agoda believes that a strong go-to-market strategy is built based on three fundamental pillars:

Understand the partner's business goals and the product capabilities they want to offer.

Through proprietary technology, Rocket Travel by Agoda can customize a white-label platform that best meets our partner's business goals. We offer a variety of partner-centric solutions. For example, our booking platforms can enable customers to earn loyalty points or miles when booking hotels, cars, flights or attractions. We also leverage the power of loyalty redemption and redemption economics to customize redemption capabilities at the partner and customer levels. By leveraging our existing API technology, we can also offer customers the opportunity to book travel by combining miles or points and credit card payments. In other words, understanding our partner's business goals is crucial to ensure we deliver the platform solution they seek.
Develop a clear and defined project roadmap and timeline.

By developing a clear and defined project roadmap, Rocket Travel by Agoda ensures that every team involved in a launch project understands the project goals and timelines. We work cross-functionally across the organization during each partner or product launch to create a comprehensive plan defining each department's role and ensuring the various teams feel empowered to deliver their work successfully. We also work closely with our partners to connect and align on their expectations and responsibilities.
Enable effective collaboration with partners and across global teams.

Rocket Travel by Agoda is a global company with a footprint in 20 countries worldwide. Therefore, strategically creating opportunities to establish clear and constant communication between various stakeholders and ensure effective collaboration between our global teams is essential to our business. When executing a go-to-market project, the partnerships team works closely with every area of the organization to secure a successful launch. Engineering, product, operations, marketing, supply and finance collaborate to ensure we deliver top-notch customer experience and meet and exceed our partners' expectations.

Optimizing for the future

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, a product or partner launch is also a learning experience and an opportunity to optimize for forthcoming strategies. We take all successes and tailor them to future launches. We identify any pain points and work internally to determine areas of improvement. We improve by being intentional and excel by experimenting, testing and embracing changes that will continue to help us (and our partners) evolve with the travel industry trends.


Sarah Bock is the Vice President Commercial at Rocket Travel by Agoda where she leads the enterprise, supply strategy and marketing teams in driving incremental value and profitability for our partners. She is a travel technology and partnerships veteran, working seven years at Expedia Group overseeing their North American partnerships within Expedia Partner Solutions and working six years at Paragon Marketing Group managing the sports and event marketing strategies and executions for several large corporations.