Grow your revenue with affiliate solutions

Leverage the power of the Agoda brand in Asia to drive value for your business and your customers either by earning an affiliate commission or funding discounts for your customers.
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What kind of partners are good for an affiliate solution?

Affiliate solutions vary in scope, and depend on what your brand needs for its travel tech solution. Ultimately, affiliate solutions are great for partners who want to: 
  • Provide a low-effort travel solution for their customer base. 
  • Give customers access to the best prices in travel. 
  • Engage customers with exclusive deals and a personalized page. 
  • Generate revenue utilizing our leading commission structure.

What to expect from an affiliate solution

  • Leverage Agoda’s brand name

    Partners that want to leverage Agoda’s strong brand presence in Asia Pacific can co-brand with Agoda to build their brand in the travel space. Your brand will have a specific page on personalized to you. We’ll handle the booking, and you get a share of the revenue.

  • Incentivize your customers 

    Partners that want to drive customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts and rewards to book travel can co-fund deals on Agoda-sponsored landing pages. It’s a great reward for customers, who get better deals and are incentivized to keep using your products. 

  • Kickstart your brand in the travel tech space

    Partners who want to expand their travel offering may want to start extending opportunities to their customers. Affiliate partners can begin by directing customers to Agoda sites with a discount specific to that customer base to process a booking. Our partners are then paid a commission based on specific booking information.

Explore all of our solutions

White Label

Fully-branded, customizable travel booking platform experience where customers can earn or redeem loyalty currency. 

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API technology that connects your technology to the breadth of inventory sourced through our best-in-class supplier relationships. 

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Third Party Supply Management

Expand your distribution network by featuring your inventory across the Booking Holdings network of travel platforms.

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Chain Wholesale Management

Our chain wholesale distribution team works with travel brands to deliver targeted rates to specific traveler groups, empowering brands to reach strategic consumer groups and maximize engagement. 

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