Partner-branded travel experiences with an emphasis on rewards

Planning a trip should be exciting, affordable, simple, and most importantly, rewarding. We work with our partners to ensure that travelers get the most value and delight when planning their getaways. You have the opportunity to get thousands of more miles, gift cards, or additional discounts just by booking with us.

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Let us obsess, so you can relax

We have a talented and well versed team that obsesses over the details up front, so that you don’t have to. As the world evolves, so do our travel needs. We’re always seeking new ways to provide a more convenient, simple and memorable booking experience for everyone involved.

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Meet our
leadership team

Our teammates work across the globe, in person and remotely. We have offices in Chicago, NYC, Bangkok, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Cebu. No matter where people work, we strive to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

Sarah Moore
Head Officer
Simon Qin
Chief Product Officer
Nancy Alsip
SVP of Engineering
Antoinette Bordelon
SVP of Finance
Sarah Bock
VP of Commercial
Staci Markwood
VP of Global Partnerships
Nick Armstrong
VP of Product
Tim Marron
VP of Product
Susan Brown
VP of Operations
Ravi Nagubadi
VP of Engineering
Amy Collins
VP of People Operations
Zak Kucera
Sr. Director Business Ops
Andrea Ochoa
Director of APAC Partnerships
Kristen Hilligoss
Director of Enterprise
Nova Martin
Director of  Design
Matt Athanasiou
Principal Experience Designer
Jenny Rose
Director of Marketing
Nisha Patel
Director of Finance & Analytics
Angie Graves
Director of Product
Nirav Amin
Director of Product
Steven Noto
Director of Engineering & IT
Randy Haehnel
Director of Engineering
Trixie Fajardo
Director of Training & Development