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The Rocket Travel by Agoda team is constantly working to improve and drive growth for our partners and support their customers. Take a look at what we’re up to:

The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Travel

Rocket Travel by Agoda has been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many different facets of our organization to contribute to the success of our white-label solutions and other partnerships. In one recent A/B test utilizing AI to translate room titles, we saw customer support issues decrease by 23%, conversions increase by .15%, booking increase by 1.44% and revenue increase...keep reading
9/14/2023 • Technology

Rocket Travel by Agoda Photo Contest - June 2023

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we are lucky to have a team full of talented, creative people. To celebrate our team's unique perspectives, travel adventures, and everyday experiences, we host a monthly themed photo contest. The winner: chosen by vote and rewarded with a $300 travel credit towards their future voyages...keep reading
9/7/2023 • Culture

Rocket Travel by Agoda's Three Pillars for Go-To-Market Strategy

Rocket Travel by Agoda offers exclusive travel technology and effective go-to-market strategies that focus on maximizing rewards, delivering value and building customer loyalty for our partners.  Rocket Travel by Agoda originally began in 2012 as a B2C travel platform called, which to this day still enables frequent fliers to earn miles, points...keep reading
8/30/2023 • Technology

Using Testing To Create An Outstanding Booking Experience

Rocket Travel by Agoda continually optimizes the user experience of our platforms by considering each stage of the customer journey, including the checkout process. We recently carried usability tests to streamline conversion on our checkout page and mitigate consumer friction, which resulted in a 67% confidence rating. Usability and validation testing are...keep reading
8/23/2023 • Technology

Advanced Email Strategies That Drive Performance

Email marketing is one of the strongest forms of communication, ensuring businesses deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. At Rocket Travel by Agoda our marketing team develops and executes complex consumer marketing campaigns on behalf of...keep reading
8/18/2023 • Technology

Investing In Our Team By Supporting Wellness

A diverse team of truly outstanding individuals powers Rocket Travel by Agoda. We foster and maintain valuable partnerships, successful initiatives, and excellent performance by prioritizing the health and wellbeing of every team member. Investing in employees’ wellness boosts morale, reduces stress, inspires creativity, and optimizes problem solving...keep reading
8/1/2023 • Culture

The AAdvantage HotelsTM platform has launched for AAdvantage® members

Rocket Travel by Agoda and American Airlines AAdvantage® have officially launched the AAdvantage HotelsTM platform. The booking platform offers a seamless experience for AAdvantage members to earn and redeem hotel accommodations all in one place with exclusive...keep reading
7/25/2023 • News

Unlocking Customer Loyalty - The Power of Redemption in Loyalty Platforms

Creating deep connections with customers in today’s world, while driving customer loyalty and brand advocacy, is a challenge faced by companies of all sizes in various industries. As a leader in the loyalty and travel space, Rocket Travel by Agoda believes that a well-designed loyalty program is one of the most effective strategies for...keep reading
7/11/2023 • Technology

Customer Loyalty Team: Supporting customers through their booking experience

Rocket Travel by Agoda supports our partners not only through technology, data and strategic marketing, but also through a customer loyalty team of more than 300 experienced individuals around the world who are dedicated to supporting customers and their travel booking experience. Our customer loyalty team is prepared to answer questions...keep reading
6/28/2023 • Technology

Creating a Seamless Login Experience for the Customer

The Rocket Travel by Agoda team utilizes a SSO (single-sign-on) feature that allows us to integrate with our partner’s customer identity and login experience, securely and seamlessly. SSO allows a user to navigate from partner webpages to our proprietary travel portal with minimal aesthetic differences. This feature removes the need for users to create...keep reading
6/23/2023 • Technology

Loyalty Summit 2023

Loyalty leaders from around the world came together to discuss technology solutions, issues, and opportunities facing loyalty programs at the Loyalty Summit 2023. This year, VP of Global Partnerships at Rocket Travel by Agoda, Staci Markwood and Sr. Manager, AAdvantage Mile & Partnerships at American Airlines, Brant Veasy, participated in a fireside chat...keep reading
6/20/2023 • News

Leveraging AI to Optimize the Customer Travel Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a trending topic for many industries, including travel and technology. As a forward-thinking, cutting-edge company, many teams at Rocket Travel by Agoda have been exploring and experimenting with AI, and the results we've seen are auspicious. As a leader in the global travel industry and white-label space, we partner with...keep reading
6/13/2023 • Technology

Market Research: Looking at the User Experience

Designing better online experiences for travelers requires a deep understanding of our users and their needs. That's why Rocket Travel by Agoda continually conducts research to understand our user’s needs and enhance our travel booking platforms. One form of research we conduct is user experience research (UX research), which allows us to listen to and...keep reading
6/12/2023 • Technology

Rocket Travel by Agoda: Taking you on a trip

In recent years, travelers have shown the need for a seamless travel booking experience, which we have been able to cater to with our . In keeping one step ahead, our teams have developed a new trip platform that gives the user flexibility to book parts of their journey at different times, all with added value for using loyalty rewards...keep reading
6/8/2023 • Technology

Leveraging Data to Support our Partners' Growth

Cross-functional collaboration is part of Rocket Travel by Agoda's DNA. Many roles within the company require regular interaction with other departments, whether to develop new products, support existing partnerships, strategize for new partners, or solve an issue. The Business Operations team is the perfect example of how cross-collaboration...keep reading
6/6/2023 • Technology

Enhanced UI  to Drive Growth

The Rocket Travel by Agoda team is constantly striving to improve our platforms to drive increased customer engagement and ROI on behalf of our partners. Recently, our team had a hypothesis of how to make it easier for customers to navigate hotel and room information by optimizing the header navigation on our platform. By developing, testing and implementing...keep reading
6/1/2023 • Technology

Boosting Conversion Through Testing and Experimentation

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, our curious team is constantly innovating by asking questions, testing new features, and developing experiments on our platforms to deliver customers the best-in-class travel booking experience. By redesigning how we present information about the available room types, we successfully optimized our customers' experience when...keep reading
5/25/2023 • Technology

Applying a Customer Centric Approach to Boost Revenue

The travel consumers’ behavior is constantly evolving and Rocket Travel by Agoda knows how important it is to continue evolving along with them when it comes to our proprietary technologies. In an effort to appeal to our customers' experience, we found a way to make it more accessible and efficient for users to find rental cars that meet their needs. In doing so, we increased..keep reading
5/23/2023 • Technology

Decoding What it Takes to Build Successful Loyalty Programs

In an environment where, according to a US based survey, consumers are enrolled in an average of 16.6 loyalty programs, how do brands build affinity and, well, loyalty? Consumers are savvy - often seeking ways to earn points and burn points through value-add loyalty schemes, and companies.need to provide a solution that attracts and retains their customers..keep reading
5/19/2023 • Technology

MEGA  Event 2023

Airline and travel industry leaders from around the world came together to share best practices for maximizing revenues from loyalty programs at MEGA Event 2023. This year, head officer and legal director of Rocket Travel by Agoda, Sarah Moore, participated in a panel discussion on the topic of Redesigning Your Loyalty Program. With more than 15 years of experience in travel technology and leading Rocket Travel by Agoda’s innovation...keep reading
5/1/2023 • News

Evolving With the Latest Travel Trends

Travelers are ready and more willing to explore new destinations than ever before. With tourism skyrocketing post-COVID, it’s more important than ever to reach the travel consumer and bring value to their bookings. Being a leader in the global travel industry space means evolving your goals and business to meet the traveler where they are today...keep reading
4/17/2023 • Technology

The Travel Marketing Expertise That Supports Our Partnerships

Working with Rocket Travel by Agoda means partnering with a team of travel experts and professionals who thrive on creating products, solutions, and experiences that reward travelers at every stage of the customer journey. Rocket Travel by Agoda provides a variety of services and capabilities that allows our partners to adapt to travel industry trends and...keep reading
4/5/2023 • Technology

Driving Loyalty: from to Rocket Travel by Agoda

Rocket Travel by Agoda is a travel technology company founded in 2012 under our flagship consumer facing product, Since then, we have evolved to partner with some of the largest consumer travel brands in the world. Using that same proprietary technology currently powering, we help elevate their loyalty programs...keep reading
3/26/2023 • Technology

The Citi Travel with Site Has Launched!

It’s official: the Citi Travel with site, powered by Rocket Travel by Agoda, is live. Citi’s new travel booking platform will transform the travel planning experience for Citi ThankYou® cardmembers, and I am proud of the essential part that Rocket Travel by Agoda has played in bringing this platform to fruition. This project leverages Rocket Travel by Agoda’s...keep reading
3/20/2023 • News

Streamlining the Travel Booking Experience

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we provide our partners with a white-label solution that gives their customers the best travel booking experience possible. To continue elevating the user experience in our products and driving value for our partners, we developed a unified cart technology that revolutionizes the travel booking experience by allowing...keep reading
3/16/2023 • Technology

The Importance of Inclusive Platform Design

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an important civil rights law that all US-based companies must comply with. At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we develop travel booking platforms that are used by customers all over the world, so our teams take these laws into special consideration for all of our travel verticals....keep reading
3/15/2023 • Technology

Protecting Our Partners and Their Customers

Every team at Rocket Travel by Agoda is dedicated to building trust with our partners and our travelers. In the fast-changing world of global technology, security measures are critical to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data. Our team is committed to protecting information security and minimizing loss. Not only do security measures...keep reading
3/13/2023 • Technology

Mapping Enhancements to Drive Results

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, it’s our mission to continuously adapt to the ever-changing travel industry. In order to achieve this, our teams constantly look for opportunities to improve our search platforms to better align with evolving customer behavior and make the travel booking process as streamlined as possible....keep reading
3/8/2023 • Technology

Rocket Travel by Agoda: A Culture Built for Success

Rocket Travel by Agoda prides itself on a company culture that embodies our core mission and values. Our culture is a true reflection of our purpose and how we go about our work to impact the travel industry. At Rocket Travel by Agoda, our values are not just words; they are what each team member lives by every day...keep reading
3/1/2023 • Culture

Rocket Travel by Agoda and Flying Blue Increase Hotel Bookings by 200

Flying Blue, the loyalty programme of Air France, KLM, Transavia, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, and TAROM, and Rocket Travel by Agoda launched a new platform that provides Flying Blue customers with more options to earn and use points on hotel stays. With this launch, Rocket Travel by Agoda has expanded its reach globally, as Flying Blue became Rocket’s second white label  partner in Europe...keep reading
1/5/2023 • News

In The Zone for Arizona

One of many traditions here at Rocket is our annual company trip. Since 2014, Rocket has taken its employees on various adventures: Lake Tahoe in 2014, Puerto Rico in 2015, Michigan Shores in 2016, New Orleans in 2017, and Zion National park in 2019 are just a few examples of opportunities we've had to visit a new destination while getting to spend quality time with our work colleagues...keep reading
12/14/2022 • Culture

Announcing the New Rocket Travel by Agoda

Today, we are announcing an exciting new chapter in the Rocket Travel story: the launch of Rocket Travel by Agoda. Rocket Travel, Inc. started in 2013, with the launch of, our B2C platform that delivers some of the best rewards in the travel space. Over the years, we’ve grown into a B2B whitelabel travel provider, helping design customized travel platform...keep reading
11/10/2022 • News

New Partnership for Rocket Travel by Agoda and Virgin Australia

Rocket Travel by Agoda partnered with Virgin Australia to launch an online booking platform that offers hotel accommodations and car rental options to its customers. Through the platform, customers will also be able to earn and redeem Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with every hotel and car booking...keep reading
09/19/2022 • News

Behind the Driver’s Seat: How Rocket Travel by Agoda is Helping Global Brands Navigate Rental Car Shortages

The rental car crisis in the United States is challenging travel loyalty programs to deliver expanded access to rental car booking options in response to a macroeconomic snowball triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rocket Travel by Agoda is working real-time to identify the issues of this crisis, spot the future trends and help our partners navigate these unforeseen times. While the rental car crisis is slowly steadying, it is far from over....keep reading
08/30/2022 • Technology

Smiles - A story of how collaboration boosted customer engagement

Founded in 1994, Smiles is the most known frequent-flyer program in Brazil. With a customer base of approximately 17M travelers, Smiles is now the loyalty program for GOL, the largest Brazilian airline. Rocket Travel and Smiles have been working together since 2017. The company was the first global partner to leverage Rocket’s leading technology to provide its customers with the option to redeem miles on hotel stays...keep reading
08/06/2022 • Marketing

Sarah Moore Named Leader of Rocket Travel by Agoda

Today Rocket Travel by Agoda announced Sarah Moore will lead the team as the organization’s new Head Officer. She moves into the chief executive role after serving as Senior Vice President, Commercial for the past 3 years. Part of Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG), Rocket Travel by Agoda partners with global brands to create white label customer engagement...keep reading
07/05/2022 • Press Release