Market Research: Looking at the User Experience

Designing better online experiences for travelers requires a deep understanding of our users and their needs. That's why Rocket Travel by Agoda continually conducts research to understand our user’s needs and enhance our travel booking platforms. One form of research we conduct is user experience research (UX research), which allows us to listen to and learn from the customers using our technology, and build or adjust our platforms to meet their needs.

We want to hear from the end users

UX research explores human behaviors, motivations, pain points, and overall experiences to then inform our product design. At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we explore these factors through the lens of our target user groups such as travelers and brand loyalty partners. We take our end users feedback and look at the usability of our products and how we might be able to innovate on larger, future initiatives. We also look at missing marketplace opportunities and implement product enhancements.

How we conduct our research

Rocket Travel by Agoda’s UX research program delivers an early-and-often research practice that regularly conducts usability tests, exploratory interviews, and more. The first step in one of our UX research studies is to understand the scope of what has already been done on the topic by looking at previous research studies conducted by our team, competitive analysis, benchmarks, surveys and more. Our team then identifies what the study will achieve, how it will affect the user and what impact it will have on our products and technology. Before rolling out a study, we take a careful look at the different methodologies we can use to help us find answers and learn.

Sample research at Rocket Travel by Agoda

Our teams are always interested in learning more about each type of traveler  - solo travelers, travelers with children and families, long-term travelers, etc. 

We are currently conducting a large discovery research effort around business travelers in particular, to learn more about the different types of business travelers and how their needs differ from other people. This study will aim to uncover what major pain points they are experiencing and how we can help alleviate them with our products. After this study, we will be able to determine how to meet their needs through product design.

Research impact:  beyond Rocket Travel by Agoda

The UX research conducted at Rocket Travel by Agoda directly impacts future design and product development, as well as overall innovation. 

Through research, we continue to learn more about our current and potential users as well as travel trends and loyalty. This is helping us identify what will bring the most value to our partners and to their customers - by building technology that satisfies the needs of the travel consumer, ultimately driving revenue and positive brand recognition. Better-designed travel experiences will make it easier for travelers to find and purchase accommodations, flights, cars, and amenities that they need and want, which also positively impacts our suppliers.

While UX research is just one of the many forms of research we conduct at Rocket Travel by Agoda, it is vitally important in understanding the users of our technology. We look at this feedback as a foundation for our design inspiration and design decisions. All of our research drives what we call “evidence-based” design, and it is what we strive to practice here at Rocket Travel by Agoda.


Nova Martin is head of design at Rocket Travel by Agoda where she oversees the UX design practice for the company. She has years of experience in UX research, interaction design and product management.

Zainab Lodi assisted Nova in developing this story as she leads the UX Research practice for Rocket Travel by Agoda.