Investing In Our Team By Supporting Wellness

A diverse team of truly outstanding individuals powers Rocket Travel by Agoda. We foster and maintain valuable partnerships, successful initiatives, and excellent performance by prioritizing the health and wellbeing of every team member. Investing in employees’ wellness boosts morale, reduces stress, inspires creativity, and optimizes problem solving – and will always be an integral part of Rocket Travel by Agoda’s culture.

Support for wellbeing

The tenets of wellness can start with generous medical, dental, and vision benefits, or flexible paid time off and parental leave. Rocket Travel by Agoda, however, strives to go beyond these standard workplace benefits with a practical and accessible wellness program. Our program includes a variety of group activities and individualized offerings.

For those seeking to invest in their personal wellness individually, all team members have access to the resources provided by our employee assistance program (EAP). Employees interested in mindfulness and/or meditation are encouraged to download the Headspace app on their mobile device.

Our people operations team organizes several morning and afternoon wellness pauses throughout the week. These brief, fifteen-minute ‘breaks’ serve as an opportunity to practice gentle stretching, mindful meditation, and grounding breathwork from the comfort of one’s own remote work environment.

"Our practitioner’s Wellness Breaks are a great way to take a breather from a hectic workday and remember to breathe. She has a great command of knowledge about physical and mental health, and I enjoy her content every time I have the time to join a class!" Yvonne P, IT Technician.

We partner with an external wellness practitioner to also host Lunch & Learn sessions on a monthly basis. These sessions provide an opportunity for our team members to educate themselves on topics such as vitamin D and sun protection, gut health, being present, and mental health awareness. Each event is available in-person and virtually so anyone interested can participate, and we encourage team members to contribute suggestions for future sessions. The wellness practitioner also offers one-on-one health-focused coaching and nutritional guidance, and other interactive workshops.

“I'm grateful for Rocket Travel by Agoda's wellness program. It has been a beacon of knowledge and light in my gut health journey this year. Our practitioner shares her knowledge and advice in a very practical and relatable way.” Diana F, Senior Partnership Manager.

Encouragement of physical activity

Rocket Travel by Agoda also offers frequent in-person events throughout the year by hosting group fitness sessions at local Chicago studios. From yoga and pilates to cardio workouts, our teams can take advantage of multiple options to stay active and connect with their colleagues. Inclusive food options are always available at our in-person events to accommodate the dietary restrictions and health goals of our team.

“Our wellness program is one of my favorite perks. About once a month at our Chicago headquarters, we get to attend a Rocket Travel by Agoda sponsored Pilates reformer class. I have never done Pilates before, so it gave me the opportunity to try out a new workout with my colleagues. It is now one of my favorite ways to get in some mindful movement during the busy work week!" Emma H, Senior Recruiter.

Fulfilling a sense of community

Another important initiative supporting our team’s wellbeing is the Rocket Travel by Agoda annual corporate retreat. Each fall, we bring our team members together to engage in fun, team-building exercises and encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zone and form supportive workplace relationships that nourish our mental health.

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Adapt for the team

Our wellness offerings will continue to evolve based on the needs of our team members. Rocket Travel by Agoda’s goal is to maintain an engaged and productive work environment built on a sense of community and care for all team members.


Amy Collins joined Rocket Travel by Agoda in April 2022. She serves as the VP of People Operations where she acts as a talent leader striving to impact the employee experience in a meaningful way. She is passionate about understanding the values, aspirations, and strengths of teammates to maximize their engagement and potential.