Rocket Travel by Agoda Employee Photo Contest

At Rocket Travel by Agoda, we are lucky to have a team full of talented, creative people. To celebrate our team's unique perspectives, travel adventures, and everyday experiences, we host a monthly themed photo contest. The winner: chosen by vote and rewarded with a $300 travel credit towards their future voyages.

February Theme: Glow

Lotus Glow - Catherine L.
Beacon - Lia Z.
Bring your own sunshine! - Cristal R.
ChiTown GLOW - Dennis H.
Come swim with us. Slowly, gently, and hypnotically - Andrea O.
Dam! - Nem N.
Glass Sky - Emma H.
Glow - Alexandre M.
Karen O and Her Glow - Noel F.
Lavender Haze - Abbey K.
Moon Glow - Fatima H.
Morning Skyfire- Yvonne P.
Mother Nature's Glow - Laura M.
Snow GLOWbe - Sarah S.
Snow Glow - Lauren S.
Sun and City Lights - Grace T.
That Big Boy and The Tiny Dot - Jason C.
The Glow Chamber - Jorge L.

Stay tuned for the next theme and entries!