The AAdvantage HotelsTM platform has launched for AAdvantage® members

Rocket Travel by Agoda and American Airlines AAdvantage® have officially launched the AAdvantage HotelsTM platform. The booking platform offers a seamless experience for AAdvantage members to earn and redeem hotel accommodations all in one place with exclusive rewards and benefits.

History and evolution of our partnership

Rocket Travel by Agoda began its partnership with American Airlines nearly 10 years ago. The evolution of this partnership and the development of AAdvantage HotelsTM is a result of strategic collaboration and the desire to deliver industry-leading travel options, an abundance of hotel accommodations and rewards to AAdvantage members.

The AAdvantage Hotels platform leverages an extensive inventory of hotels connecting customers with the ability to earn rewards for every hotel stay or redeem miles for hotel stays. When searching for hotels, members can sort by the number of miles earned and redeemed. Additionally, AAdvantage members can earn even more rewards when signed in to the platform, which is made possible by a SSO (single-sign-on) feature that allows users to have a secure and seamless login experience.

The platform also allows AAdvantage status members or AAdvantage credit cardmembers the ability to earn up to 5 times more base miles on select hotels and AAdvantage credit cardmembers with status the ability to earn up to 10 times more base miles on select hotels.

Screenshot of the booking experience

Partnering with Rocket Travel by Agoda

The AAdvantage Hotels platform is the result of years of collaboration between American Airlines AAdvantage and Rocket Travel by Agoda.

As part of our commitment to provide a partner-centric approach, we will continue to analyze booking data and optimize the performance of the AAdvantage Hotels platform as well as monitor the ever-changing travel landscape so we can deliver a seamless travel experience for the customer.

We are excited to continue to evolve our partnership and platform offerings to connect AAdvantage members with seamless technology that offers rewards, countless hotel accommodations and an unparalleled customer experience.

AAdvantage members can access the travel booking platform through by selecting the “Hotel” option. Members can also access the booking engine directly through

If you are interested in partnering with Rocket Travel by Agoda to enhance your booking platform, contact us today.


Sarah Moore is the head officer and legal director for Rocket Travel by Agoda, previously serving as Senior Vice President, Commercial for the team. Before joining Rocket Travel by Agoda, Moore served in leadership roles with both Expedia and Orbitz Worldwide. She is also a founding member of Chief, a private network built to drive more women into positions of power and keep them there.